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Home » Galleries » Stephen Shortridge » Limited Editions [19]

  • Wine Country Getaway

    Wine Country Getaway

  • Venice Dusk

    Venice Dusk

  • The Maestro

    The Maestro

  • This Enchanted Evening

    This Enchanted Evening

  • The Cellists

    The Cellists

  • St. Peter's Twilight

    St. Peter's Twilight

  • Sunday Morning

    Sunday Morning

  • Napa Dawn

    Napa Dawn

  • Dinner Off the Plazza

    Dinner Off the Plazza

  • Carriage Romance

    Carriage Romance

  • Positano Con Amore

    Positano Con Amore

  • Winter Retreat

    Winter Retreat

  • Seaside Concerto

    Seaside Concerto

  • Beaux Elegance

    Beaux Elegance

  • Music Room

    Music Room

  • Gala


  • Quiet Thoughts

    Quiet Thoughts

  • Minuet on D Minor

    Minuet on D Minor

  • Calm of Day

    Calm of Day