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About Henry Asencio

Contemporary painter Henry Asencio has emerged as one of the most intriquing young artists working today. Avant-garde in execution, his work blends the classical ideals of figurative painting with a unique, contemporary style revered in his art. The artist states, "Painting for me is very cathartic and is the most articulate way for me to express my passion and internal dialogues."

Merging introspection and visual spectacle, Asencio's personal investigations of femininity, spirituality, and abstraction possess the power to transform today's ideals of elegance and contemporary sensuality. "Abstract expressionism" or "abstract realism", Ascenio's work cannot be pigeonholed by style or semantics. His open brushwork sweeping color, use of texture, and precise drawing skills have resulted in a body of work that has earned him international accolades. Asenio had already earned several gold and silver medals in international competitions for his portraiture work prior to graduating with honors from the San Fransisco Art Academy in 1999.

The artist refers to his current content of work as "sublime figures with aggressive application." Asenio asserts his aim as an artist is to "extract the essence of a mood and create work that is striking and simple yet, sustain it's integrity through the subtleties." Using life as a vehicle to produce his art, Asencio's work translates an impulse into it's own reality on canvas and other surfaces. He has recently begun to paint on board, as the surface is more resilient to his aggressive style of painting.

The artist prefers to work in oils as "nothing compares to the richness and workability of the oil medium and it fits my technique perfectly." He frequently works with live models or photographs. He will begin a painting with a gesture drawing and then begin to mix the paint according to his temperament. Asencio applies the thick paint with a palette knife thereby transforming a traditional painting into one possessing his signature style.

A native of California, today the artist lives and works in his studio near San Jose, north of his birthplace of Los Angeles.