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About Walfrido

Walfrido has been capturing people's hearts and imagination through his paintings for the last 20 years. Born in 1966, Walfrido is a second generation artist, taught by his father Edgardo F. Garcia. Having made a name as a leading seascape artist, his works continue to inspire collectos throughout the world.

Known for his keen sense of light, his magnificent compositions, and regal perspectives, his desire is to be the cutting edge of the Hawaiian art market. Only through persistent travel and exploration of the island has this young master been able to take the viewer to places most people would never see. He captures all fo the hidden jewels of the islands and with his imagination, transforms them to a place of dreams.

Though only in his mid thirties, he has accomplished many of his goals. His work is featured in major art galleries across the U. S., including his own personal gallery. Walfrido's local based T.V. show "Art in Motion" has been awarded the best arts program in Hawaii. It's mission is to inspire the next generation of artists. Keep an eye out for this rising star.