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About Nagalle Jewelry

Nagalle Designs specializes in the creation of high-end precious inlay jewelry.

Nagalle's signature line features inlay of rare and precious Australian opal set with precious gemstones and accented by diamonds. Nagalle offers its many styles in a choice of yellow or white gold and also prestigious platinum.

Nagalle has also pioneered the inlaying of blue sapphire and red ruby. Sapphire and ruby inlay pieces form the basis of Nagalle's prestige line - Platinum - which also features beautiful, rare, Tahitian black pearls.

Nagalle Designs, Inc has won its place at the forefront of designer jewelry by creating jewelry to the highest mark of excellence and by paying careful attention to customer needs.

Why Nagalle?

When you purchase jewelry from the Nagalle line, you purchase a piece of beautiful jewelry that you will treasure for a lifetime.

The name Nagalle comes from the Zuni word meaning "Happy, joyful, good things". Look at a piece of Nagalle jewely and you will see that it truly reflects the sentiments expressed in our name! The rich fire of Opal colors framed within gleaming gold or platinum, embelleshied with sparkling gemstones surely does inspire happiness and joy!

Each piece of Nagalle jewelry is handcrafted to the highest standards and is then subjected to our rigorous quality control. We are proud of each piece of jewelry that bears the Nagalle name and know that the wearer will take great pride in their Nagalle jewelry.

Nagalle jewelry is warranted and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity - our assurance that we stand by every piece of jewelry we create. Our after-sales service is second to none and reflects our commitment to providing the best to our customers.

So, whether Nagalle jewelry is a gift fo yourself or for someone you love - give the gift of happiness and joy - give Nagalle!