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About Johanna Drummond

Johanna has been sculpting since the early 70's. Her work was known only to a select circle of private collectors until 1981 when it was displayed by the Zoological Society of Florida. Today, her original sculptures can be found in prestigious collections throughout the United States, Europe, South America and India. You can also find her work in the personal collections of internationally famous sculptor Laszlo Ispanky, Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, and world renowned wildlife painter Carl Brenders.

Johanna was selected as the first female featured sculptor in the history of the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition (S.E.W.E), the world's largest wildlife show held each year in Charleston, S.C.. She has shown her work for over thirty years and has received numerous awards. Her original clay pieces are currently offered to collectors by Endangered Arts Limited on Hilton Head Island, S.C..

Inspiration for Johanna's first subjects came from her immediate surroundings, a six and a half acre bird sanctuary in Florida. She began to sculpt mushrooms around the lake where she lived in as realistic a manner as possible. This new art form proved to be very successful and can still be seen as backdrops in her pieces depicting squirrels, rabbits, bears, and her favorite subjects, the endangered big cats in their natural habitats.

Each of Johanna's sculptures reveals the artist's careful attention to realism. Intricate touches of undercutting in clay and paint combine to form a unique sculpture for the collector which can not be duplicated. Johanna feels that the molding process used to reproduce sculptures can restrict the level of detail in the piece and therefore insists that all of her work be sold only in it's original form.

The kiln fired clay sculptures marked with detail and shaped by Johanna's talent provides the warmth, texture and color needed to breathe life into her subjects. Through her art Johanna hopes to bring recognition to all animals with which we share the planet, especially the endangered species and the environmental challenges they face.